Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wait...WHAT???? A triathlon????

Where did Steph go?  Does the blog post title actually say "TRIATHLON"???

If you know me, you know that I have always maintained that I will NEVER do a triathlon. Frankly, I just love running too much. I don't know how to properly swim, lakes freak me out, and I hate going fast on a bike. I don't even own a road bike!

So why would I even consider doing a triathlon?

Let's just call it peer pressure.

In February, right after the Austin Marathon, I started running with a triathlon group in Georgetown, although I always made it very clear I was there for the RUNNING...no one was getting me in a pool or on a bike. When new folks would join us for runs, I was always referred to as the one who only runs.  But slowly, in the back of my mind, I was thinking that maybe if I just took some swim lessons, my triathlon-phobia would ease up a bit.

This month, the family trekked out to Lake Pflugerville and spectated the sprint triathlon there. I had several friends competing, some in their first tri, and I have to admit that the excitement was sort of contagious. These people were having fun. And it was a sprint, which didn't seem all that daunting. 500 meter swim, 14 mile bike, 3 mile run.

My kids have both taken swim lessons (my littlest one is still doing them) and they are progressing so well in actual swimming ability. I'm kind of jealous. I can swim, but I have no idea how to properly breathe, I fear putting my face in the water, and I'm not all that speedy. I won't drown, but I make it all look ugly. In contrast, my kids look like naturals.

Okay, so I needed to take some lessons. FINE...I'll do that.

Once I made that choice...oops....a triathlon started sounding like a good idea. Dammit.

So I made it known I would do one in 2013...to all 594 Facebook friends. I officially became a member of Georgetown Triathletes. I have 58 comments on the status update announcing my new goal.

Holy hell, I'M SCREWED.

(But I'll never do an Ironman)


  1. We really have too much in common! I'm thinking about doing my first tri next summer...as long as I can get over my fear of the water. And I've been scoping out craigslist for bikes.

    1. I think that's the route I'll take for a bike, too, Jen. Trying to save money wherever I can!