Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Job and a Marathon

November 26.

That's my first official day of employment since August of 2001. 11 years since I have been on someone's payroll.

Although I'm very excited to start contributing to my household's income, I'm very nervous. Am I going to be a good employee? Are people going to like me? AM I GOING TO KNOW WHAT THE HECK I'M DOING?

I think I'll be spending the next week re-reading my NASM book because I'm pretty sure in the last 2 months I've forgotten everything I studied since March. Everything. I hope I don't go into my first training session with a client like a fool.

Yes, I know I'm freaking out for no reason.

I also officially own my own business, although it's really only a back up to my actual employment, for those people who really want to hire me but don't belong to the Rec Center where I'll be working. I have the LLC, I will be calling to obtain liability insurance, I'll check out gym rental space, but it's pretty bare bones for now. I would love to add a professional logo and website to it all soon....but I'm kinda burned out on spending money before I start making money. In the meantime, Coach Steph Personal Training is still legit and that's kind of a cool thing.

But in the meantime, I'm nervous as all heck.

On the marathon training front, I just completed my last 20 miler in preparation for BCS on December 9. Overall, it was a good run. I feel pretty strong. A bit slower than my other 20 miler but that was merely because of gastro problems with 6 miles to go. If that hadn't slowed me down, I'm certain my time would have been faster than my last 20 miler. I woke up today with little soreness. The next 3 weeks will be focusing on strength, a little more speedwork, some interval training, and some mid-distance runs. Hopefully the taper won't make me completely freak out.

Now, if only someone would do my Christmas shopping for me.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Where I am and where I'm going

A little post about where I am right now....

1. Marathon #7 is in 36 days. I'm scared yet eager, and need to focus on my mental strength.

2. I completed my first 20 mile training run of the season last week. It was 30 seconds per mile faster than last year's 21 miler. Translation....whatever I'm doing this year is working. Today I did an 11 miler 20 seconds per mile faster than I thought I would in very humid, warm conditions. And I felt great the whole time. Did I already say whatever I'm doing this year is working?

3. I'm almost done with my round of personal training...11 sessions complete, 2 to go. I've learned so much from my trainer Ryan, and I've gotten stronger and leaner in the process. Absolutely worth the money.

4. I'm slowly working on all the details of my independent personal training business. It won't take the place of actual employment, but it will give me a back up and more options for wherever I end up. It's an expensive endeavor but one I think will be totally worth it.

5. I bought my first iPad. It's just an iPad mini, but I'm still excited I'll actually own one. I've never felt like I "needed" one until now.

6. The weather is getting better and better. Except for today, of course.

7. I can fit into my cheerleading uniform from 21 years ago...for the first time since having kids. Yes, I still have my cheerleading uniform.

That last one is my favorite, too.

And what's coming up for me?

1. I interviewed for a personal trainer position over 2 weeks ago, with them telling me I'd hear something hopefully within a week, maybe a bit longer. I'm trying to be patient but it's time to start looking elsewhere. Since I applied for my LLC and will be finalizing insurance details next week, I can also start looking into gym rental space locations. And getting some guinea pigs.

2. I'm excited about next week's training. Excited and slightly frightened. Speedwork on Wednesday will involve 20x400 repeats. 400 meter sprints, 20 times. I've never done more than 10. I have gotten advice from running coach friends on how to tackle these so I'm going to go into them with a good attitude. My long run next Saturday will actually be a run/bike, something I've never done before. A 10 mile run followed by a long bike ride with my coach. I think I'm going to love it. That will leave us with 4 weeks until race day.

3. It's already November, which means I need to get serious about the holidays. I do love Christmas, but I'm starting to dread the shopping. I need to get an attitude adjustment about it.

4. Because I only have 2 more paid training sessions with Ryan, I need to decide if I'm going to fork over the money to continue with a few more sessions, or if I'm going to trust what I've learned and start applying it to my workouts. I have a feeling I'm really going to miss him. Even if he told my running coach that I whine during our workouts (he ran with my group this morning).

5. I'm seriously starting to think about signing up for a 50k before my 40th birthday. I picked 2014 as the time to run my first ultra, but I think I'm getting this itch to do it sooner.

6. I need to spend more time with my friends.

So there you have it....T minus 36....