Thursday, July 5, 2012

Adding to my list

Several months ago, I realized that I needed "something" in my life that didn't necessarily revolve around my kids and spouse. Not in a negative way, but something that was "mine" and possibly involved me actually providing for my family financially.  I needed it to be flexible and hopefully be fitness-oriented, since that's my passion. I couldn't see myself sitting at a desk in a 9-5 job. I didn't expect a huge salary by any means, but something that could supplement my husband's income and possibly allow us more disposable income for travel and leisure, hobbies, etc.

Since then I've branched out and taken a few leaps of faith...although I'm not making any money yet. But that's okay. I'm figuring it out as a go and trying to make myself marketable in the long run. I am currently studying through NASM for my Personal Trainer Certification and will be certified in September, I still coach for Round Rock Fit (we start up again next month), I'm branching out into triathlons, I'm waiting for a relatively close class for my RRCA running coach certification, and this week I added a new "job" to my list.

I'm on Team Luke's...which is basically an ambassadorship for Luke's Locker, a Texas-based running store. I join a group of local runners in representing both the store and the fitness community at races, expos, and volunteer gigs. I will hopefully inspire and influence more people to get active. This "job" is not about winning races. It's about believing in an active lifestyle and supporting a business that shares my same philosophy on fitness - everyone should be active, anyone CAN be active, we must make it one of our priorities in life, and we must pass it on to future generations. If everyone was active, the world would be a happier place.

I'm excited about the many turns my active life is taking me. I'm not exactly sure what it will turn into in terms of a "career" but I'm pretty happy getting my name out there, learning all that I can to help others, and to continue to improve my own fitness.

It's a fun passion to have.

(and a huge thanks to Tricia Minnick for telling Luke's about me)