Friday, June 29, 2012

No justification needed

A friend on Twitter posted this yesterday:

Those you inspire are saying: 
"You're crazy." 
"I wish I could run like that." 
"Maybe I could run that far." 
"If he/she can run, I can run." 
"I'm going to try to run." 
"I can do it!" 

So many people say to me that they "can't run"...for whatever reason. 90% of the time it's not true. Some just need to start slower and easier....but I can guarantee that the vast majority of people have the ability to be a runner, and to be a good one. So I just loved this quote. We aren't capable of finding out what we're made of until we try, until we push past the pain, and find the nirvana. It's there, and it's pretty amazing.

But onto the point I have for this blog post...

The more I read over this quote, the more I got stuck on the words "You're crazy."

Do you have any idea how many times I've been told that? I'll joke around with people and tell them that I'm crazy and that's why I run marathons, but I think it's actually a defense mechanism of mine. I don't know why I say it, because I know I'm not actually crazy for taking on the goals that I take on. I think I'm really quite sane...and smart. I'm not putting myself at any real risk by doing what I do. As a matter of fact, I'm turning into the healthiest version of myself that I can. Not crazy at all.

I know most people mean nothing when they say it...perhaps they're in awe, perhaps a little envious, hopefully inspired and eventually motivated to try it themselves. But every once it awhile, it kind of hurts a little. I don't want people to think I've lost my mind by making bigger fitness goals for myself. 

Then I started thinking...why do I need to justify any of these choices? I DON'T NEED TO JUSTIFY THEM.

I don't.

In my life, I will complete at least 30 marathons.

I will complete ultramarathons.

I will complete triathlons.

I will complete back-to-back races.

I will travel internationally for races.

I will qualify for Boston.

I will break 7-min pace in a 5k.

These are my goals and they are lofty. But I will do them. 

Because I can. 

And to anyone who thinks "I'm crazy" for wanting all this...why don't you try it for yourself? There's plenty of room for all of us.


  1. I love being called crazy -- it just challenges me more.
    Good luck in San Fran! Can't wait to read the race report. BTW how do you train in Texas in the summer???

  2. It's NOT easy! When I trained for a Napa half in July '09 I vowed never to try it again. But this year I added in 1 evening run a week (it was 98 degrees last night) and slowly it's helped make the warmer long runs a little easier. It just takes time to acclimate, but it's never really very comfortable unfortunately. I also hit up the gym if I just can't bear to be outside.

  3. Crazy is the word people use when they don't understand. If they took a minute to wrap their mind around it, they would probably not say crazy, but say passionate, determined, or maybe even badass. It's their way of accepting where they're at in their lives as opposed to where you are at. It makes them feel better. I hear ya girl!

    1. That's why I keep you around,'re one smart cookie :)

  4. I love this post! Every word is so true- my mom tries to talk me into just "sticking with 5ks and 10ks since they are easier" but she doesn't understand the challenge of a half-marathon and hopefully someday a marathon.

    1. You know what's funny? I think 5ks are totally harder than half marathons! I feel like I need to sprint the whole darn thing! You WILL do a marathon!!!