Saturday, June 16, 2012

Trail Race Videos

This is so very cool....Georgetown Trail Runners posted YouTube videos on their group Facebook page of the Rogue Trail Series race at Reveille Peak Ranch last weekend. Scott Rantall used a headcam to videotape Warren Brown in the lead in the 10k race. Warren's entire race is videotaped and you can see just how insanely fast these guys can be, but also how awesomely technical (and non-shaded) the course is.

Because the 10k racers started 30 minutes after the 30k racers, we get passed by Warren near the end of the loop. You can see me at roughly the 8 minute mark...I'm by the shirtless dude with the Camelbak, wearing a black tank and turquoise trimmed shorts. I was 1 hour, 8 minutes into my first loop and this fast guy was only 38 minutes in...craziness.  And I still had 3 1/2 hours of running (and walking) to do....

I'm so doing the whole series next year. Yes, I'm that dumb.

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