Thursday, November 20, 2014

Another 50 things

I had so much fun writing the first list, that I started another list right away. Enjoy.

1. Always say "please" and "thank you."

2. Don't speed through a parking lot.

3. Try a new food at least once. You just never know.

4. Do something scary.

5. Baseball is better in person.

6. Most men get better looking with age.

7. Especially when their hair turns gray.

8. However, good looks are much less important than a good heart.

9. The right person will love you at your worst.

10. Expect delays and headaches when you travel, and then just deal with it.

11. Learn how to swim.

12. Learn how to shoot.

13. Be kind.

14. Things never take "just 10 minutes."

15. Pay your bills on time.

16. Don't buy it if you can't afford it.

17. Start your kid's college fund as soon as she's born.

18. Cut people some slack. You don't know their story.

19. Don't judge people with tattoos.

20. Bust out the crayons and color.

21. Ask yourself if the argument is really worth it.

22. It's never too early to start getting mammograms.

23. Even if your baby is past his due date, enjoy those last moments of pregnancy. You'll miss it.

24. Find a white sand beach and dig your toes in.

25. Always own at least one little black dress.

26. Don't use the word "diet."

27. You won't regret putting in hardwood floors.

28. Use your cookbooks.

29. Hugs are the best therapy.

30. Buy the house with a view.

31. Pay it forward.

32. He who has the most toys does not win.

33. Never ever ever start smoking.

34. Don't underestimate the impact having a child will have on your life.

35. Take a nap.

36. Listen to classical music.

37. Keep your toenails painted.

38. Big diamonds are overrated.

39. Never run out of coffee.

40. Proper grammar. Enough said.

41. Get your passport...just in case 

42. You can never have too many board games.

43. Or puzzles. As a matter of fact, go buy another one.

44. Charcoal grills are the only real grills.

45. Appreciate a good thunderstorm.

46. Run in the rain.

47. Take the scenic route.

48. Don't get stuck in a boring box. Peek over the top sometimes.

49. Fuzzy pajamas.

50. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed. So do it today.

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