Tuesday, September 11, 2012

T minus 89 Days

89 more days until Marathon #7. You know, the one where I said I'd run sub-4 hours?

That's 12 weeks, 5 days.

Or about 50 more training runs.

Okay, so 50 more runs before the marathon actually sounds okay. I'm going to focus on that statistic.

Since my last update I've run a 10k night trail race (so much fun!!) and logged my longest training run of the season (16 miles). I've worked through about 90% of my piriformis issue and THE WEATHER HAS BEEN GREAT! During my 16 miler two days ago it never crept above 67 degrees and was just wonderful. You know, as wonderful as 16 miles of running can be.

This week will be one of my biggest training weeks so far. In a 7 day stretch I will run 45 miles and I've never even gone above 40 miles in a week so this will be huge for me. I'm doing a tempo run the day before a long run, which will either be really dumb or just make me tougher. And strangely, I'm at the point in training when 12 miles is a "step down" week. It's all just getting really REAL right now and I'm trying to keep perspective and just focus on my workouts.

Will I be in shape to run a sub-4 on December 9? I really don't know, but I'm going to continue to train like I can and hope it all comes together. Strength, core, foam rolling, stretching, biking, running....and repeat.

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