Friday, August 24, 2012

An Update on Runner Steph

I'm 15 weeks and 2 days from Marathon #7.

I have piriformis syndrome.

I'm not nailing my paces on my runs because of it.

I'm starting up coaching again, but my training group is 10 weeks behind where I need to be for this marathon, which means I've got to get creative on when to do long runs.

I'm trying not to freak out.

I think I need to meditate.

So, the piriformis thing. I self-diagnosed. I thought it was a glute strain, but during my studies (for my personal trainer cert) I came across the piriformis muscle and googled information on it. I pretty much fit the mold on piriformis syndrome, which is when the muscle compresses your sciatic nerve. So I'm going with that and treating it as such.

And by "treating" I don't mean resting. We all know I hate rest. I'd rather alter training than stop it altogether. Treating it means a lot of foam rolling, stretching, using a tennis ball, walking during my runs, and a lot more core work.

10 days later and it seems to be working. I ran for 40 minutes straight yesterday at close to my goal pace. I completed a run/walk 9 miles this past Monday. I plan on doing 10 miles with hopefully minimal walking breaks on Sunday. If I can get my pace in the 9-9:15 range I will be a happy camper.

I love coaching. I'm super excited for our training group to be starting up again Saturday. But I'm also thinking about the fact that I was probably crazy for agreeing to run a December marathon, since we'll only be a little more than halfway through with our group training by then (we train for the Austin Marathon in February), and will be at about 13 miles for a long run the weekend of my marathon. I'll need to complete 3 or 4 18-20 milers before my marathon. Could get tricky with the schedule as I may have to do them on different days, which means unsupported runs and possibly alone. Or I start some at 4:30am to get in miles before our group and complete the run with the group. I really don't know which sounds worse!

I'm trying not to focus on the fact that I planned to run sub-4 hours in this marathon. It just seems CRAZY right now. But I know my body can do it...I just need to get it pain-free and I need to get my mind back in the game. NOW.

So I will continue my foam rolling, my tennis ball massage, my core work, my stretching, and my freaking out. No, not really the freaking out. Well, maybe the freaking out.

Be thankful you don't live in my house right now.

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  1. You do not have to do long runs alone! They're possible, but no me! haha Don't forget about your crazy friends who decided to run a 50 miler in November. And, Dan, Lauren, me, and a whole slew of other people are running Dallas the same weekend as your B/CS marathon. SO, there's a selection of people to get in some longer runs with you! Hope your piriformis starts to get better soon!