Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Part 1: Things that Piss Me Off

I actually wrote this a couple months ago and never published it. Today I feel like publishing it. Enjoy!!

There are days when I have so many negative things rolling around in my head that I just really need to get them out. Usually these thoughts center around my irritation at other people. I don't have any notion that I'm not also an incredibly irritating person, and I know I have many MANY faults, but seriously...holy crap....sometimes I just really hate other people.  So I decided, how awesome would it be to write a blog post about all the things that just totally piss me off. I'm going to title it "Part 1" since I do have the intention of following it up with things that make me happy (ha...we'll see if that actually happens or if I keep y'all hanging).

1. Tailgaters - now that I own a MINI I seem to be getting tailgated A LOT more than when I was driving my Armada. Especially by dudes in huge trucks who think they are badass but really are just sadly overcompensating for their shortcomings. And if they aren't tailgating, they are trying to race me or cutting me off. It's really pleasant.
2. People who CONSTANTLY COMPLAIN on Facebook. It's okay to let out a vent or two...we all do it from time to time, me included. But if every single week you're complaining about your children, your life in general, how nothing is going right, how you're still fat, how people who don't share your opinions are the devil, or anything related....and it's become what you're "known for" on Facebook...well, isn't that kind of a problem? Can't you find a way to feel blessed or be witty? Or do you really want to be known as that person who bitches all the time?
3. Arrogance. You know what? You aren't better than anyone else just because you might be faster or stronger or richer or prettier. And coming across like the rest of us could be as cool as you if we do the same things you do just makes you a jerk. And not someone we want to be around.
4. When I'm told I'm addicted to running. Yes, I love to run. It's a passion of mine. But I also am finding love in other forms of exercise. If I'm addicted to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and pushing my limits physically, then I'll take that addiction. I'm sorry you can't find the time or willpower to do the same, but don't insult me just because I do make it a priority. I find an incredible amount of joy in it.
5. When people joke about being out of shape, unhealthy, overweight, etc. It's not funny. It never will be. It's sad and you need to do something about it, for yourself and for your loved ones. Spend more time changing it rather than joking about it. It's a defense mechanism and it's unnecessary. People die from being unhealthy...I should know! Do something!!
6. Bad grammar. Yes, I hate bad grammar. I do my best to not correct anyone publicly, because that's just being a douche. But IT MAKES ME CRAZY when I see mistakes like "their/there", "your/you're", "y'all/ya'll", "loose/lose", and things like that. CRAZY!!! If you're "losing" something, you're not "loosing" it! And if you're in Texas and you spell "y'all" with the apostrophe in the wrong place, well then shame on you.
7. Clueless grocery store shoppers - stop leaving your cart on one side of the aisle and "shopping" on the other side. Keep the cart next to you so you aren't being a jerk and blocking the entire aisle, especially in a busy grocery store under construction.
8. Chicks with tight and too-short shorts. Did you realize that even if you're thin, these kinds of shorts make your thighs look huge? It's not attractive. Sadly, this seems to be the way 95% of teenage girls dress.
9. Along the same lines...gladiator sandals. Oh, my, those are just ugly and they don't look good on anyone.
10. People who talk loud in public, whether to the person they're with or on their cellphone. I don't need to hear about your problems, opinions, experiences, etc. At all. Be quiet, have some self-respect.
11. Constant negativity. I realize it's ironic that I would post this when all I'm doing is bitching and moaning, but seriously...there are some people out there who are just NEGATIVE. And about little tiny things that have no significance in the big picture. Not every little thing needs to be picked apart and complained about. Some things need to just be let go. You can think things in your head all you want....but have more discretion when you open your mouth.

Wow. I feel better.

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  1. i've been away from your blog for far too long! and i am SO GUILTY of #2. ummm...#2 on the list, that is...although the sources of my angst are on FB, so i typically vent on twitter, which really isn't any better.
    thanks for helping to call me out on this...i'll be more vigilant and try not to do it any more.
    meanwhile, i'm gonna go back to my miserable life and hide under a rock because everything sucks so bad that i even hate the sight of kittens chasing around a laser pointer.


    thanks, Steph!