Monday, March 30, 2015

Relay Reflections

I'll likely do a Texas Independence Relay race recap in another post, but for now I have a few thoughts I want to share.

1. This race, without a doubt, is my favorite, despite the sleep deprivation, agony of running in the heat, pressure to kick ass, and general delirium. I forget about my stress for 48 hours.

2. I can't believe my friends can put up with my bullshit. I'm not easy to deal with sometimes. I'm a bitch when I run in the heat, I'm generally a rule follower (not always a good thing), and I'm way too detail oriented sometimes. But nobody kills me while on the relay, year after year.

3. I'm way too consistent with my pace. Someday I'll blow it wide open and shock the crap out of people.

4. I appreciate each and every one of my teammates for different reasons...

- Thanks Tony for wanting me to be your navigator and keeping me laughing for 6 relays. We might argue too much but we get shit done.
- Thanks Geissinger for taking over the navigation when I couldn't read the map anymore Sunday morning, and for letting me treat you like a piece of meat.
- Thanks, Red, for being the coolest, hardest working, most caring teammate, and for talking about yourself in the third person.
- Thanks Katie, for being so amazing and talented, and for your concern about how mean Tony is to me ;)
- Thanks Matt for seriously being the most joyful runner I've ever met. Your positive attitude was contagious and I could learn a lot from you.
- Thanks Erica for convincing John to join us and for doing your best to control Danimal. We've missed you being on the team.
- Thanks John for being willing to endure one more relay and for not killing us. The one liners were truly epic.
- Thanks Emily for bringing such perfect humor and sarcasm to the team. Hot redheads are the best.
- Thanks Danimal for not drinking so much you couldn't still run like a badass, and for sticking with the team and giving your all when you weren't confident you could.
- Thanks Kalynn for being strong and fun and cute and darling and a really great friend...and the 7:20's don't hurt either.
- Thanks Cary for bringing it home at San Jacinto. And for being a size small.
- Thanks Team Mom Ginne for making us feel like we're all your kids, for being our rock. We love you!!

Who's giving me a massage??

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  1. This was my first relay experience and it was SOOOO much fun!!! I'm glad you had a great weekend too!