Monday, March 23, 2015

I hate injury

I totally brought this on myself. I'm having trouble with my IT band, which is causing significant knee pain. I knew it was because I've let myself get weak. I've gotten lazy with core work and stretching and now I'm paying the price.

It's terrible timing. I have a relay in 5 days and a marathon in 34 days. 

I saw my sadistic friend Ken at Therapy Central this morning for myofascial release therapy to try to loosen things up and get advice on if the home trigger point therapy I'm doing is going to be effective.

He quickly discovered the probable root of the problem - tight gluteal muscles that are pinching the IT band. As he was working on releasing these muscles I about fell off the table from the pain. It radiates through my hamstrings and I wanted to cry.

My knee doesn't really feel better after the therapy (the 12 miler yesterday inflamed everything again) but I know it helped loosen things up. I need to continue to work on my glutes this week so I can avoid discomfort this weekend. My team is counting on me to be able to run at least 20 miles.

This whole fiasco just reiterates my need to take strengthening exercises seriously. But even if I work hard to get myself better I have a lot of doubts about my marathon next month.

It's a very hilly race and hills exacerbate IT band issues. It could make for a miserable race and there's no point is running on this beautiful course and hating life. I can handle the thought of running the half marathon. Still hilly, but doable.

I have a huge decision to make, and I need to make it soon before the race sells out and distance changes are no longer allowed.

Stupid silly problems to have. But frustrating nonetheless.

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  1. Agree very frustrating. I was just telling someone the other day....when we get injured we get good at rolling out, stretching, strengthening....and as it feels better we get lazy about it. It's hard to keep up on it, but I really need to also.
    I hope the relay goes well.