Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Change of Tune

Sometimes it only takes something small to change my attitude.

As you know, I had a bit of a tough recovery after my January 18 marathon. My last few runs have been much better, thankfully, but I was still finding it a bit difficult to get excited about running for 4+ hours again this season. Definitely in need of an attitude adjustment, because the San Luis Obispo marathon is INCREDIBLE.


Needless to say, I'm lame and even the beautiful scenery and the chance to go home for a few days wasn't perking me up enough. I was thinking of downgrading my race (the HORROR).

AND THEN......

They unveiled their medal today. 

It's like they just knew that I'm totally smitten with red barns. I LOVE THIS MEDAL. It's a barn for crying out loud! Completely awesome.

I think I'm okay with running another 26.2 now.

Check out their awesome race right here....

As for my training, like I said, my last few runs have been quite a bit better. I ran 8 miles at a decent pace last Saturday, intentionally trying to push myself and ignore the heaviness of my legs. Today I ran another 8 miles with a friend and felt very strong despite a lot of soreness from my Monday gym strength and treadmill workout. I'm feeling more confident now going into my next race, the Austin Half on February 15.

Yay for running!!!

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