Monday, February 6, 2012

Just a couple Monday things...

In 13 days I will run Marathon #6. I am in awe of that fact. 4.5 years ago I couldn't even run 2 miles, let alone 26.2. Now I never run less than 3 at a time. Being a marathoner has become a lifestyle for me. It's part of my soul, my being, and I NEED it to feel even slightly whole. It's not always fun, it hurts terribly during the process, but there's so much joy and accomplishment in it that I don't know what I'd do without it. With all the hats that I wear in my life, this is one that is completely 100% MINE and I refuse to ever let it go.

Marathon And without a lot of pressure, besides just making sure my friend Karen gets a PR. We're going for 4:30, but her PR is 4:44 (which she did in Houston just 3 weeks ago), so we have a lot of wiggle room.

I made a decision this month on another front as well. I started counseling. I won't go into a bunch of details on why, but a lot of what I need to work through has to do with my grief over my sister's death. I had an assignment to write down Regrets, Resentments, and Appreciations about Trisha. Let me just matter how much time has passed, grief is finicky and can kick you in the pants when you least expect it. I thought I was handling it well, but I'm not so sure that's the case. This assignment sucked. But it was necessary. Yesterday marked 30 months since Trisha's death, but there are times when it feels just as painful as Day 1.

So that's what's up on my Monday. How are YOU?