Thursday, March 3, 2011

What If??

I started watching The Biggest Loser on TV this season.  I had never seen it before, but knew it was a very emotional show.  I've been blessed that I have never truly had a weight problem.  I've never been overweight, I have not fluctuated much in my adult life. I've tried hard to take good care of myself, with a few stops and starts in my fitness, but overall have been pretty successful. I don't say this to brag...I know I've been lucky and am probably in the minority. My desire to maintain a healthy weight and fitness level is what keeps me running.

As you know I lost my sister Trisha in 2009 to what can probably be partially attributed to an unhealthy weight. She contracted the swine flu, but had a lot of underlying health problems, such as lupus, diabetes, asthma, and was deemed morbidly obese. She just couldn't recover from the flu and passed away suddenly overnight from pulmonary embolisms.  I had worried for years about her health - and had even had a conversation with my mom about those fears just two weeks prior....and then our worst fears were realized.

So watching this Biggest Loser episode, where the contestants get to go home for 2 weeks, is definitely emotional.  It makes me wonder how Trisha would have done on such a show, how taking control of her weight could have helped her. The changes these people are making are incredible, and to hear them talk about doing it for their families hits home big time.  My sister left behind a husband and 9 year old daughter.

My sister's husband has really taken charge of his own health in the last year.  He has lost an amazing amount of weight, and is keeping himself and their daughter on an awesome fitness/healthy eating plan.  We are all so very proud of him.  I know he's added years to his own life and has improved the quality of life for my niece. And although this makes me insanely happy....a part of me wishes this had happened 2 years ago. Would my sister be a part of it? Would it have saved her?

I can't really dwell on "what ifs" but it's so hard not to.  What if I had pushed her harder to take care of herself? It sucks to dwell, and watching this episode (and the show in general) does make it hit home harder.  I know God had a plan and I try to remember that.

Being healthy is never overrated.  Maintaining my fitness and my desire to NEVER BE unhealthy will continue to motivate me every day of my life. I know I can't control everything, but my I CAN control the amount of exercise I do and the size of my clothes. I am on ZERO medications for health problems and I want to keep it that way for as long as possible. Don't ever take your health for granted. Don't fall into the trap of allowing your age to dictate what you can or can't do. Never sit back and allow a sedentary life to take over. Never never never.


  1. Wow, great post. I love the biggest loser. Sometimes it is hard to watch, but it is truth. I was obese. I have since lost the weight and completed 4 half marathons and my first full marathon in Austin February 20th. I copied your finale summarizing paragraph onto my inspiration page.

  2. Unfortunately it is more detrimental to us to do the "What if?"... so easy as humans to get caught up in that, but luckily, as Believers we have the Peace to know that God truly is in control. And, unfortunately, we won't understand until we get to Heaven why Trisha was taken in the prime of her life. However, we can be thankful that it was a wake up call for Jim, and hopefully Jim and Jocelyn will have many years added to their life thanks to the healthy lifestyle they are now living.
    Thank you for watching the Biggest Loser with me! I'm glad I got you hooked on it, so I don't have to cry alone :)