Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What really matters

Why is it so hard for us to find our blessings and grab onto them and celebrate them?  We tend to focus on such small things to get upset about.  I'm someone who tends to do this frequently and I've tried to catch myself when it happens...not always so successful.

When the big things in life happen that knock you down it does tend to change that perspective. If you're complaining about an extra 5 pounds at the same time your neighbor's spouse dies, you better shut up and get a grip on what really matters....right?

For the last week I admit I've once again worried about the stupid weather for the Austin Marathon.  Since the Houston Marathon, we've had snow, freezes, and some pretty freaking cold weather, with a couple 70+ degree days thrown in sporadically.  In other words, the opposite of the hot humid conditions in Houston.  But what's happened the last few days and is projected for the marathon?  Hot humid conditions....of course.  Because I have the worst race weather luck lately.  Who would have thought that within three weeks in the winter I would get socked with those conditions at the worst time?  Especially after weeks and weeks of cold weather training runs.  It's bugging me.  I laugh about it, but it's bugging me.

At the same time, I have friends going through REAL crises.  My neighbors have a 9 year old who is on day 19 of a hospital stay, with few answers to what is causing her to be so very sick.  She's not coming home yet, she's extremely weak, and her road to recovery will be long and rough.  We weren't even sure she was going to make it. This is the ultimate in stress for any parent. I never knew that the thought of losing a child could be so incredibly ridiculously painful until I had my own kids....I could imagine that it was be horrendous, but really....you just don't know until you look at your own children and imagine life without them.  My parents have dealt with that happening.  I can't even begin to describe that pain.

In addition to this sweet girl being so ill, I have another friend, one from high school, who just lost her 1 year old baby on Sunday.  SHE LOST HER BABY. This sweet little girl spent most of her life in the hospital with a terrible heart defect, enduring surgery after surgery, setback after setback, all the while maintaining her childhood innocence and wonder.  She was playing on Saturday, then went into cardiac arrest on Sunday.  Folks, THIS IS HEARTACHE.

And in the meantime, I worry about the weather.  I'm giving myself a big dose of reality and saying "SCREW IT."  I'm running a marathon....big freaking deal.  My friends are dealing with REAL LIFE.  They deserve my attention and prayers and thoughts.

So yeah, I need to look at what really matters in life.  The weather might piss me off, but so what.  I am healthy, my family is healthy, and life is good.   I am counting my blessings and not sweating the small stuff. Someone slap me if I complain again.


  1. Please, if it's appropriate, give my deeply heartfelt thoughts to your friends. Thank you for the reality check.

  2. OH, I'll slap you :) lol
    so true though... I worry about not having money to pay bills...and then there's Jana dealing with the loss of sweet Sophie, or Alicia dealing with all of Carson's medical problems.
    The ultimate thing to remember is that God is in Control of all of these situations.