Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Funny: Ugly Runner??

In light of this absolute CRAPTASTIC week in the U.S., I'm going to write about something funny.

You know how when you have a website you can check the stats and see the source of your page views? Whether it's from keyword searches, links from other websites, etc? I check my stats occasionally and it always stood out to me that the most popular keyword search was "Ugly Runner."  I had written a blog post a couple years ago about how I thought I had an ugly stride and I figured that's probably where it came from.

For some reason last night I decided to Google "Ugly Runner" and see just where I fell in the search results order.

Nowhere to be found in the search results. Hmmm...interesting.  Where are people seeing my blog?

I click on Images.


I'm going to pretend it doesn't say "related searches: fat runner" right above the images

I am the first image. 


I'm an ugly runner? Well, damn.

So I go back and I actually read the blog post. I had captioned the picture "Ugly" because it showed an ugly stride. It was followed by a picture with a much prettier stride (from that same race, which was a marathon by the way). I changed the caption to "not so pretty." And then noticed further down I actually wrote the words "ugly runner."

Well, so much for trying to get myself off the search results. I gave up.

It's kind of like I'm a celebrity now. Seriously, how many of you can say you're the very first image in a random Google search.

I'm giving out autographs.


  1. You know you've hit the big time when you are the VERY FIRST search result!